Individual 60 minutes

  • Individual, “one-on-one” 60-minute driving lesson.
  • Often used as an assessment lesson.
  • At the end of your lesson your driving instructor will provide you with information if anything needs to be improved.

Individual 90 minutes

  • Individual, “one-on-one” 90-minutes driving lesson.
  • Frequently used as an assessment and parking lesson.
  • We’ll evaluate your driving skills and provide feedback at the end of your lesson so you know what, if anything needs to be improved.

Individual 120 minutes

  • Individual, “one-on-one”, 2-hour driving lesson.
  • The same as ”Individual 90”, with extra time to practice your parking skills.
  • Can also be used as introduction to driving or for ICBC road test session.

S / RT

  • 1 hour of practice time anytime before your ICBC road test day.
  • AND
  • 2-hour RoadTest session on the day of your ICBC road exam.
  • Includes 45minutes of warm-up, car for the test and drop-off.
  • ICBC road test fees are not included.

P4 Basic

  • Total of 6 hours practice time.
  • Excellent starter package for beginners.
  • Introduction to general vehicle control and proper observation.Upon completion of this package you should be ready to start a home practice with your co-pilot.
  • 4 x 90 min driving lessons.

P7 Classic

  • Total of 10.5 hours practice time.
  • Good package for Class 5 & 7 Road Test Preparation.
  • Similar to P4, with additional practice time and focus on required skills to successfully complete your ICBC road test.
  • 7 x 90-minute driving lesson.
Please Note: The above prices do not include taxes. Once you proceed to the scheduling page, you will be presented with prices including the GST.