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The first step into driving – DONE!
But now what? You are eager to start driving, but no one has any time for you? – or you have done the first couple of sessions with your family or friends, but it is causing too much stress? We will take care of you starting with basic driving skills to more advanced driving maneuvers.
We have a fair selection of driving lesson packages for everyone.

“un secret de Polichinelle…”

That’s right! There is no secret. Everyone knows that the only way to learn is to practice driving as much as you can. The success of our students has been achieved thanks to that practice… and perhaps with a bit of our help.
No matter how you spin it, everything comes back to practice time.
Vehicle control, proper observation, road etiquette, respect for other drivers – you can learn all of these with BB West driving school. We offer lesson packages for new drivers and individual lessons to refresh your driving skills…” That’s the SECRET OF POLICHINELLE.

“un secret de Polichinelle…”
Learn to drive - Secret Of Polichinelle
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Learn to drive – Secret Of Polichinelle
What is the secret to becoming a better driver? How to improve your driving skills? If we tell you it won’t be a secret anymore….Secret Of Polichinelle.
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BB West Driving School
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